Le Chant de la Source

Welcome to Le Chant de la Source restaurant.

Our gastronomic restaurant welcomes you into an exceptional setting to help you discover the finest flavors. Enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Up to 60 covers



Local cheeses


Classic French cuisine with a Nordic twist

Our Head Chef, Nikolaj Skou Poulsen, hails from Denmark but his love of French cuisine and the exceptional ingredients it offers has lured him to the stoves at our restaurant, Le Chant de la Source.

Alongside our General Manager, Mai Kappenberger, and esteemed Danish-French Chef, Francis Cardenau, who recently joined our board, Nikolaj aims to awaken our more than 2,000 year-old castle from its slumber by narrating the sensory tale of convivial, French hospitality fused with Nordic charm and aesthetics.

Be inspired by the aroma, the flavour, and the visual delight of fresh ingredients

Enjoy your favourite ingredients year-round

Our kitchen philosophy revolves around foraging in the castle’s surrounding nature and cultivating our own herbs and vegetables.

In early 2024, we took the initial step by planting 100 apricot trees, the cornerstone of our future orchard.

Nikolaj Skou Poulsen has worked with the farm-to table approach for the last decade, most recently as sous chef at Roxie (part of the Michelin-starred Kadeau group) in Copenhagen and as head chef at Pomle Nakke (a destination restaurant in southern Denmark).

As our guest, you will be inspired by the aroma, the flavour, and the visual delight of the fresh ingredients.

Nikolaj Skou Poulsen ensures continuity across every culinary creation he and his team send out: the home-made breakfast, the informal dishes enjoyed on the hotel’s charming terrace by the pool, and the refined dishes served in our restaurant, Le Chant de la Source. They preserve local fruits and vegetables through pickling, salting, and fermentation, allowing you to enjoy your favourite ingredients year round.

Savour local, seasonal, and beautiful food

Head Chef, Nikolaj Skou Poulsen, prioritises fostering strong relationships with local suppliers, having dedicated the initial months of his tenure to acquainting himself with them and their produce.

With a background in graphic design, Nikolaj also places significant emphasis on the visual appeal of his dishes. He and his team are committed to serving simple, fresh, and flavourful food. To their minds, great food should be beautiful, inviting, and celebrate the seasons.

Whether you stay with us to explore the nearby world-class vineyards, host a corporate event, or celebrate life with an authentic French party weekend, Nikolaj and his team will do their utmost to ensure you an unforgettable culinary experience.

Danish-French culinary luminary

Francis Cardenau helps elevate Chateau de Fontager’s culinary offerings

Francis Cardenau, the celebrated Danish-French culinary luminary, joined our board in early 2024 in order to strengthen our hotel’s culinary profile by establishing a network of local suppliers, recruiting skilled staff, and enhancing menu offerings to deliver unparalleled gastronomic experiences.

Originally a native of France, Francis has garnered acclaim as one of Denmark’s foremost culinary trailblazers. He has been a member of the board at Bocuse d’Or in Denmark for a number of years – the latest three years as president. Furthermore, he has been awarded a host of accolades, most recently, in 2023, the title, Disciple d’Escoffier.

A culinary journey to the heart of another era

An exceptional setting

Le Chant de la Source boasts a majestic setting, with the restaurant located in the bright, vaulted main dining room of the Château de Fontager.

Reserve your table

We will be open from Thursday to Sunday from September onwards for lunch and dinner.

The restaurant Le Chant de la Source offers a buffet lunch every Sunday, ideal for a moment of sharing.

Restaurant opening dates:

  • December 21 - 22 : open
  • December 23 to 27 inclusive : closed
  • December 28 - 29 - 30 : open for lunch and dinner
  • December 31 : open only New Year's Eve dinner
  • January 1 : open New Year’s brunch
  • January 2 - 3 : usual closing Tuesday & Wednesday
  • January 4 - 7 : classic opening
  • January 11 - 14 : classic opening
  • January 15 to early February closed for work
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